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2015 – 2017 home teams winning streak

All three years the championship team was a Czech team. Once Czech National team, then selection of Czech players named 7Days Heartbreakers and Czech Republic U16. The other teams were always very competitive – teams from USA, Austria, Poland, Germany and also club teams from Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. During this period the best position reached Germany, finishing on 2nd place in 2016. USA teams finished on 3rd place twice, in 2015 team AIST, following year team USA Athletes.


2013 – 2014

After several years, Czech National senior team participated in the tournament again. The question was, how the team will succeed against USA teams. And team did very well, beating AIST team in finals 8 : 3. That win meant, that after 15 years, Czech National senior team won the PSW again. National team of hosting country won the tournament second year in row in 2014. In championship game Czech Republic beat AIST (USA) badly with final score 15 : 5. That was the highest scoring championship game of the PSW ever. Due to participation of Croatia National team in 2014, total number of participating national teams in the history of the tournament, was increased to ten.


2007 – 2012

This period of PSW brought more teams to Prague and teams from more countries and more continents participated. In 2007 teams from Russia – Carrousel, which is more or less Russia National team, and national team of Poland took part in the tournament. Final game of PSW between Carrousel and hosting team Krč Altron was finished early, with score 2 : 0 for Russia team, due to serious injury of Krč Altron players. Sweden and Argentina national teams took part in 2009 tournament. Not that many teams participate in that year, when also weather was not that good, with lot of rain. But hosting and organizing team Eagles Praha (former name Krč Altron), beat Argentina both, in round robin game 3 : 2 and then final game 6 : 2 and for first time of their club history won the PSW.

In 2010, after five years, the best European team Dornbirn Sharx participated in the tournament again. With excellent pitching of Danielle Spaulding they won the championship game for first time for Austria, beating Czech National U22 team 4 : 1. In 2011 Argentina and Indonesia, as first team from Asia, participated in the tournament. Teams were coached by former Czech National teams coaches – Guillermo Spotorno and Kevin Henderson. Final game between Argentina and AIST was exciting and team from South America get champions trophy after beating team from USA 2 : 1. In 2012 roster of teams was expanded to 10 teams and international teams performed very well, Czech National team U19 finished only on six position as the best Czech team. This was recorded as the worst position of team from hosting country ever. AIST claimed another win in the tournament.


2003 – 2006

Next period of the tournament was marked mostly as competitions between Czech and USA teams. In 2003, besides USAthletes, another team from USA – AIST team showed up and since the first participation became important part of the event for many years. Joudrs Praha won the tournament for the first time ever, when they beat AIST 5 : 4 in exciting game. Following year both USA teams get to finals and AIST won the tournament for first time. In 2005 the number of participating teams was extended to eight, when for the first time team from Austria – Dornbirn Sharx arrived to Prague. Second time in tournament history Joudrs Praha won the event, when they beat USAthletes 3 : 2. 2006 edition of PSW welcomed for first time team from Germany, but due to very bad weather final standings were decided only according round robin results. The wining trophy went to USAthletes because they beat Czech Stars team in round robin. During period of four years 2003-2006 the PSW championship winning record between Czech and USA teams was tied 2 : 2.


1998 – 2002

The first Prague Softball Week was organized by Czech Softball Association back in 1998. At the beginning CSA was looking for tournament for women as well as tournament for men´s softball teams. The purpose was to organize high quality event for national teams and to promote softball. At the beginning of July 1998 national team of Denmark, both men and women arrived to Prague to participate at the first time ever Prague Softball Week. The tournament was organized in two locations, at Čechie Praha field for men, Sokol Krč for women´s teams. Women´s Czech National team won the first tournament. Same format of the event was used next year, but both categories played at Sokol Krč complex. After two years the Prague Softball Week became women´s only tournament and joined the same dates as Prague Baseball Week.

In 2000, for the first time ever, team from USA – USAthletes, showed up and won the tournament. Next year six teams arrived to Prague and USAthletes won second year in row, but the final game was very exciting, when Athletes beat Czech National team U19 only 2 : 1. Slovakia National team won their first game in the history of tournament and finished fifth. Following year team from Czech Republic – Chemie Praha won the event.